Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a little less mystery

hopefully, for today  
yesterday's post seems mysterious to me  and that's not where I want to go
my (this particular) inner journey is about social isolation and loneliness,  which so many humans experience, but with particular challenges for the physically disabled
as I spent more than half my life as "able-bodied"  I feel caught between two worlds  way to simplistic  but a beginning to understanding 

this may not be the right blog space 
couldn't find much from or about people living with disabilities
there are some disability sites but then no connection to the "able-bodied"
so where to post?
perhaps my dilemma is right there

off to the hospital today for an ultrasound    you might think that a hospital is for people with illnesses     but no doubt I will be facing problems with getting through doors and onto tables and into the positions everyone will like    hopefully we can negotiate well  and get the job taken care of  without much stress

more tomorrow...

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